There are thousands of miles of Rolex immutable to sell for decades you see it change it

Often see someone Tucao, said replica watches uk immutable, completely nothing new. A style can be sold for decades. You know, only that has been subject to the world's consumer recognition of the swiss replica watches to do the so-called "conservative." Because if not recognized, can only "stop production", or constantly modify the appearance of unconventional to win consumer freshness. Said Rolex "a move fresh eat all over the sky", but Rolex is not without change, but most people can not see. When we hold the fake watches head, when the metal strap, you will find the strap sagging. The more frequent use of Rolex straps drop the more serious! Sometimes it becomes so Even completely "do not lift" The reason why this will cause such a situation, it is because the watch section is connected by the bolt bolt, bolt and the watch hole between the hole is to leave a certain gap. Although the gap between the addition of lubricants, but in the long-term use, this gap will gradually increase, leading to the sagging strap, very beautiful. Rolex in order to solve the problem of strap sagging, in the platinum, gold oyster-style strap and Day-Date headband type band added a ceramic tube. On the one hand, this white ceramic tube can reduce the friction between the bolt and the watch section, wear, improve the comfort of wearing. On the other hand, the use of ceramic tube of the new strap can no longer add to the inside of the oil, completely avoid the loss of lubricating oil and lubricating oil leakage caused by the wrist, clothing stains. Oyster-style straps were introduced in the late 1930s, and the head-up straps were specially made in 1956 for the Oyster Perpetual Star Calendar, and the modern look and feel was similar to that of a few decades ago. But Rolex is not without change, but most people can not see the details of the section inside. At present, the ceramic tube is only used in platinum, gold-style oyster-style strap and Day-Date head-shaped band watch section, steel, and even ordinary precious metal belt is also invisible. According to the fatigue of Rolex, should be gradually rolled out later. Rolex in 2000 released the first self-produced self-winding chronograph movement Cal.4130, released at the beginning of the vertical clutch structure, greatly improving the start time when the pointer trembling. But the existence of the gap between the gears will still bring a lot of shortcomings: 1. To produce the impact between teeth, affecting the smoothness of gear transmission. 2. The second hand is not allowed to scale. 3. Increase the gears due to force and deformation, wear. In order to solve this problem, Rolex engineers in 2009 to apply for a patent, research and development. Production of this special gear. On the left side of the figure for the new Rolex Ditong gear, the right for the old gear. This special gear is simply described as the evolution of each tooth into three spring metal pieces, the use of its flexibility can make the gear better coupled with other gears, thereby reducing the gear gap. Although this new gear looks very simple, but the processing technology requires a high level. We can imagine, in the width of less than 0.5 mm on the tip of the three pieces of thin slices is how difficult! After such an innovation, Ditong take the gear between the gears more stable, timing accuracy. When the second hand is zero, it is more accurate. In addition, the durability of the entire movement is improved. Rolex in Daytona watch this little change has been fully rolled out, the new Ditton Nadu for the new gear. Even the old section of Daytona, as long as the Rolex service center to get maintenance, will be updated free of charge. Of course, Rolex official will not tell you .... Rolex GMT watch the two-way rotating outer ring of the internal structure, through a spring and the outer ring of the internal gear and operation. Old GMT is used in this structure, the drawback is the rotation of the outer ring, the force point all concentrated in the upper right corner, torque instability, feel bad. The new Rolex GMT does not change the appearance of the case, the transformation of the rotating outer ring of the internal design. Adequate concave word circle and triangular spring, the original force of a point into the interval of 120 ° three, so that the torque evenly flat cloth, improved stability. Classic refers to those who have been widely recognized enduring products. Any change that is likely to be obtained before the approval is overturned. But does not mean that the classic can not change, those hidden in the internal, hidden in the details of the innovation may be difficult to be found by the vast majority of people. But it is these subtle changes cast a "simple behind the extraordinary." Should that sentence "can not tell where good, but that is hello." We are re-engraved watch industry, is committed to the top of the re-engraved version of the service in the most high-end crowd,

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