N factory watch V7 version of the Rolex black water ghost and authentic contrast

Xiaobian read a lot of rolex replica watches online posts, said N factory uk replica watches originated during the reform and opening up. In fact, we use the point of logical thinking, it is simple to see through this lie, if the reform and opening up can be done engraved genuine watch, then there will be any high imitation, fine imitation of it? It is not always N factory watch the world it? In fact, Noob originated in foreign countries, in many foreign countries, there are re-engraved rolex uk this argument, generally they collectively referred to as "RepGeek", the word annotated as "engraved watch forum." Foreigners mentality is generally "crazy pull cool hanging days", they will not be the same as the profit for the purpose of people, to re-engraved, or to sell! They are generally to show off or install B of this mentality, to re-engraved a well-known brand of watches, if the re-engraved success, will be left in the watch on the back of their own mark! For example: Mr. Give you a small case for your reference! Britain, the country watch "treasure name" this brand, which has a "Super Navy Series S500 / BK" in front of the watch model, the famous watch produced in the UK, are luxury, in 2002 by Nick and Giles English Brothers co-founded and immediately by the watch industry's attention! If you still do not understand this watch friends, you can go in the "wilderness to survive" look at the "Belgraes" worn by the watch, especially in the shellfish drink urine that section of the video, there is this wrist Close to the watch! Well, into the topic, historical background, Xiaobian also introduced to you again! In Switzerland, that is, Europe and the United States, there is a famous engraved craftsman! What is the name of the famous craftsman, live there, the days do not know the Kazakhstan, can only say that a point of Mao, 2 Mao story for everyone to listen to! The famous artist called "David" is mainly engraved well-known brands, and then engraved their own finished watch, put in front of what I said "RepGeek" forum to show off! 2005 Bao Ming launched the Super Navy this series, and David in 2006 on the re-engraved success, and with the original is the same shell material, including the back of the use of deep turbid processing, including the movement also added inside Anti-magnetic ring! So that is very Cock, so the name of the treasure because of the re-engraved goods, resulting in genuine re-open 2 times. This is a real story, but Xiaobian can certainly know that people will not be a lot, because if we go to REPGREEK will open VPN over the wall in order to open the site in order to see the foreign group of large silk. In recent years, the domestic Daxing "re-engraved watch" this new kind of thing, that what is engraved watch it? Currently in the domestic watch market, it can be said that there are three kinds of quality and quality of the watch! The first: "high imitation watches". The second: "fine imitation watches". The third: "engraved watch". 1: What is a high imitation watch? High imitation watches are mainly based on the electronic watch for some, for example: a section of the Omega watch, genuine is a mechanical, and you imitate an electronic, but you imitate this Omega watch, the watch with the positive yet The same, that is, superfluous, blind whole, genuine no, you also made him out, so you have to admire the domestic high imitation business. High imitation watches to sum up is: blind a few to engage in, Kuo silk special watch. 2: what is fine imitation watches? Fine imitation watch routines even deeper, just like our noobvideo website, what is engraved watch that video introduced the same. In that video, the sky took a 42 mm blue balloon to do the comparison, genuine 42 mm blue balloon 3 needle is mechanical, 2 pin is quartz, and fine imitation watch, quartz also made you 3 pin, here What does this 3 pin mean? Tianyi simple to introduce, 3-pin clockwise, minute hand, second hand, this is called 3-pin. While the 2-pin is the hour hand, minute hand. If you do not understand is really easy to be fooled into it. Fine imitation watches to sum up is: draw the skin, but can not draw the soul. 3: What is engraved watch? Here's the re-engraved watch, some people called super A, some people called A goods, and some people all the engraved watches are called N factory watch. Anyway, it is a lot of calls! Recycling watches used in the movement, are generally domestic movement, the Japanese movement, Citizen movement, basically engraved watch with the movement are these three movements! Domestic movement is divided into: Hangzhou machine, Tianjin machine, Shanghai machine Japan movement: 9015 machine. Citizen movement: 8215 machine. Usually the case are these kinds of movement, there is a kind of back through the style of the watch, such as N factory artifact Panerai 111, this section is the back of the Panerai, from the back to see the movement, So the factory made a splint, on the back of the watch, so that we compare the back through the authentic, will be found with authentic back through exactly the same. If you want to know more about the movement of the problem, you can go to our website noobvideo self view. Engraved watches used in raw materials, is not stingy. Steel 316L stainless steel, ceramics, carbon fiber, carbon forging, titanium, there is a hippocampus 1948 even used liquid metal. So in the production of materials that is really under the blood of the. Engraved watch summary is: both skin, and soul, is absolutely detoxification artifact. Through the above description, I believe we have the origin of the N plant has also been recognized, N plant inspired by foreign RepGeek, by the Chinese people back to domestic production, so called N factory watch or engraved watch. N factory is now the main style that several? N factory currently work Cock, shipments are what models do? 1: Ranking first of all is the Rolex pioneer water ghost, the sea to make: 40 mm there are (nigga) (ghost), 44 mm there is (gradient blue nigga king) (nigga king), these two water ghosts Mainly there are differences in size, work is one to one, there is no difference. 2: the second is the Blancpain 50, this watch is the most curious place than his luminous effect, using a pure import of Switzerland's C3 luminous powder, luminous intensity is very bright, which is 50 ? the largest The selling point. 3: ranked third is Audemars Piguet 15710/15703, these two pieces of love is the difference between a reverse, a close. Audemars Piguet 15710 for the bottom, the movement used by the pure movement of the Japanese movement 9015 change. Audemars Piguet 15703 for the secret, the movement is divided into two kinds, the Japanese machine 9015 to 3120 machine, seagull 2824 machine change 3120 machine, are now generally recommended 28284 movement, mainly 2824 stable, and can also change Switzerland ETA2824 Movement. 4: ranked fourth is the Panerai Sea pam111 / Panerai pam005, these two Panerai very interesting is very similar with the Audemars Piguet 15710/15703, is also a dense bottom, a bottom, and the movement is used Manual seagull 6497 movement! Panerai 111 back to the bottom, and Panerai 005 back for the close. 5: ranked fifth is the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master (also known as Jaeger-LeCoultre Master), this watch why ranked fifth, it is estimated that readers may think that Xiao Bian is in accordance with the order of work to rank, really not everyone, One and the second is in accordance with the work to rank, followed by three watches, have been natural order. Jaeger-LeCoultre The watch movement is used in this watch is the seagull 2824 movement, in a little N plant in November 2016 before the production of the belt has never been the master of the limit, that is, N factory in November before the limit master Are strip, there is no belt. If you bought the limit guru for the belt before November, that's not what you mean, you are cheated. We say goes, the first evaluation of today's comparison, is the N plant Rolex water ghost in the black water ghost and authentic comparison chart, very honored, in this year is 16 years in November, our N powder to buy a genuine Black water ghost, and made a comparison chart, made in the days of the more days thanks to the more. On the Rolex water ghost why there will be V5, V6, V7, so many versions, it is estimated that many customers do not understand the hearts of the place is not perfect workmanship? So there will be so many versions of it? Science knowledge to slightly ~ ~ March 17, 1816 held in Barcelona, ??Switzerland, the international watch exhibition, at the time of the exhibition, Rolex launched a new 2016 service, this new business dress is a smooth. So the factory in June this year, only on the N plant V6S version of the Rolex water ghost all upgraded to the current V7 version, which is why N plant water ghosts will have so many versions of the reasons, perhaps in 17 years, 18 years, 19 years, genuine Labor will also introduce more details to optimize, or upgrade. The factory will also upgrade the current water ghost, followed by the V8 version, V9 version and so on.