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Finished the dial, we talk about the fake rolex watches function of this watch, swiss replica watches has not launched a super complex function of the watch, it is estimated that there will not be, the most complex function is a time and calendar, although the function is not complicated, But Rolex is able to make its existing function to the swiss replica watches extreme, take this GMTII, in addition to time there are two functions, one is three (through the two-way rotation of the bezel to achieve) one is the calendar, In accordance with common sense, these two functions is really too ordinary did not say the necessary, it is not true, mainly the calendar, the current calendar is nothing more than the calendar function, gradient and instantaneous jump, although the use of no difference, but we all More love in the instantaneous calendar, the first jump structure than the gradient of the complex, followed by the moment that jump is really very cool, although many brands have now become a jump calendar, but only Rolex's instant Jump is the most neat. In addition, I would like to point out that because this watch does not have a fast track function, so its calendar adjustment is driven by the Mercedes-Benz pin, it is precisely because it does not have a calendar file, so its calendar is to callback , This is really too praise, the future will no longer appear wrong day, but also to re-tune a thing! Speaking of the calendar can not talk about the calendar above the magnifying glass, which is what we often say "blisters", the "blister" can enlarge the calendar 2.5 times, not only make the calendar more clear and easy to read, but also gradually evolved into an oyster Watch indispensable aesthetic elements, in the "blisters" just launched when it is plexiglass and the shape of the mirror molding, but with the last century 70's, Rolex began to use all sapphire crystal mirror, the same for the sapphire Crystal material "blister" to the watch on the mirror, and with anti-reflective layer, so at any time the calendar are clear and easy to read. Although the advantages of this blister a lot, but personally, I do not like this "bubble", always feel that it destroyed the balance of the whole surface, Moreover, there is no "bubble", the calendar will appear more refined, we can compare About the old nigga and the sea, you will obviously feel the sea to make more elegant. Because it is a new watch, I really can not bear to open the back cover, please understand that the difference between 3187 and 3186 is 3187 With a more advanced shock absorber, but I do not understand why Rolex will not upgrade the movement of this watch to 3187 Said in front of so much, the following can finally talk about the heart of this watch, and Rolex's movement can be said that its superb craft of several embodiments, although the basic movement of the number of models, with a hand can The number of over, but the money is the ultimate, take this GMTII, the use of the 3186 movement, its predecessor is 3185, both by Rolex's most famous 3135 movement evolved, the difference is 3186 used a more advanced and Rolex called Parachrom. This mysterious gossamer and we have seen before the blue steel gossamer showing the same blue, but its material is completely different, it uses a highly stable by niobium and zirconium and other paramagnetic alloy to build, not only from the magnetic field Impact, its anti-seismic ability to enhance ten times. This is even more slim than the human hair hair by Rolex production, to know that in Switzerland for the production of gossamer watch the same number of hands can be a number of over. A watch is not allowed to go, is determined by the escapement system, and the core of the escapement system is none other than the balance wheel, we know that the biggest feature of the Rolex movement is accurate, why its so , 90% of the credit should be attributed to the Rolex unique and almost balance the balance of the balance. Whenever it comes to this balance wheel, almost all the watchmakers will provoke the thumb, because it is too smart. First of all, this balance wheel is large, about 1 cm in diameter, large size means that it has a better inertial effect, so as to more effectively ensure the balance of its regularity of swing. Second, this balance wheel is made of beryllium copper alloy, the material has the characteristics of paramagnetic and low thermal expansion coefficient, not only can let the balance wheel from magnetic field interference, do not have to worry about changes in temperature caused by metal expansion or contraction of the impact, In addition to the material itself, its processing accuracy is also very high, in order to ensure that the balance wheel installed in the movement center to achieve a perfect balance, must be made of solid rod material processing, manufacturing error of only two thousandths of a millimeter. In addition, because it uses a four-arm beam design, not only the roundness is better than the two-arm beam balance and extreme temperature changes are not easy to deformation, so this is why in mountaineering and polar expedition such a harsh environment, Rolex can still To cope with. Said the smart, it can not but mention the balance of the four fine-tuning time on the four screws, these screws two corresponding, due to different thickness with a "1 second screw" and "2 seconds screw" of the points, with special tools to mobilize " 1 second screw "a grid, watch the difference will increase or decrease 1 second, transfer" 2 seconds screw "a grid, watch the difference will increase or decrease 2 seconds, so theoretically, Rolex's The error will not exceed 2 seconds. Rolex movement in addition to quasi-, the other is a feature of the chain is extremely efficient, it is the world's only one in the daily office state has always maintained a full chord state of the movement. Of course, all this thanks to this invincible two-way chain system, in this system, two red rounds of credit, in the end the two red wheel is what material, so far no one knows, only know if you happen to know this Red round of the formula, is said to be in the world to be killed. The system is running without noise, and automatic Tuo has not yet used bearings, so here also tell you a true and false identification of true and false Rolex the most simple and effective way to put the watch on the hand shake, no sound is true. Finally, we talk about the Rolex's bracelet, under the polished surface, the part of the lock consists of 15 parts, including the bottom of the buckle to connect the case of the ear hook to ensure that the buckle lock. The lever also incorporates two small springs that allow the buckle to be opened without pressure on the other parts, thereby extending its operating life. In addition, Oyster insurance buckle in the development process through 26 different types of fall test, in which the lever was soaked in the sand into the chlorine and salt water tank closed hundreds of thousands of times, equivalent to about three times the life of the buckle. However, in real life, these security design is still inadequate. Therefore, in the buckle opening and closing in particular to join the closed sound to show a solid, sound crisp loud, each time to close the buckle feel at ease. Summary: Some people say that if you only buy a watch in life, then go buy Rolex it This sentence before I do not understand, until the real Rolex after I realized the true meaning of this sentence, the watch is the most fundamental role is to see the time, and Rolex will be the ultimate function of this

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