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Crown can be said that we communicate with the replica watches one of the most important parts, and on the chain have to rely on it, rolex replica watches know this, so Rolex's crown has always been a big and twisted Shuang said, although the automatic rolex replica can Do not have to manually go up the chain, but when you whim for its chain, you will feel very satisfied, because you find your labor is rewarding, unlike some watchs, you tweaked several times, Do not drive, and Rolex is about what look, feeling very real. In addition, we see the top of the crown on the crown there are three dots to prove that this watch is 3 lock, although this official statement is waterproof 100 meters, but because it is 3 lock, the waterproof depth is And the same as the water ghost with 300 meters, we can see the kindness of Rolex! Finished the case, we talk about this watch most pull the boom of the bezel, the Rolex official called Cerachrom ceramic ring to give me the greatest feeling is thieves bright, good, not afraid to plan. If GMT and exploration together, you will find the second is so low-key, Rolex's ceramicization process began in 2005, in order to make this ceramic circle showing the most perfect form, Rolex can be described as painstakingly, first To heat the ceramic to 1500 degrees, make it hard and clean, and then in the hardness can seem to be able to compete with the diamond on the ceramic engraved on the need for digital contours. And then use the precise arrangement of atomic methods, with gold or platinum hit the entire word circle (this watch is the ceramic circle of platinum), so that gold and ceramic combination for the first, polished to the remaining number of gold inside the combination of forever, It takes 40 hours to polish this process. In addition, we know that the ceramic is burned before the finished product is 2 times larger, so the shrinkage ratio of precision control is also a big difficulty. GMT II had the honor to become Rolex's first assembly of the word ring of the watch, the reason to choose GMT, I feel certainly because it is the largest number above, of course, that paragraph is full gold, so from that year, I Began to look forward to the emergence of all-steel watch, launched in 2006 between the gold section, 2007 full steel models eventually available, although available, but that year I was small, put it into the preferred watch, I now Found that I was quite specific, 6 years, and I have never been on the love of their own, but later also prefer a. From this watch of the ceramic process we are not difficult to find a law, that is, each time Rolex technical innovation from the gold watch began, all material evolution takes three years, but there are exceptions, I thought last year Will be out of a gold ceramic di, this year will be able to see all-steel ceramic Di, who expected last year even out of a platinum chestnut Di, if not accident, then we can see next year all-ceramic ceramic Di friends. By the way this is the watch on the 18 original film, there are two in the truncated band when the master to throw, according to legend just opened the film of metallic luster such as the morning of the show, this gloss Each watch will only appear once, then how refurbished, how to fill the film is not, who for it to expose the film, it is who, the reason we understand! Because Rolex need to say is too much, one-time finished everyone looked really tired, so on the dial and the movement of the part I will focus on the next, please look forward to Rolex Although it is not a very complex form, but as long as a chat it can be said endless, on the focus, I mainly introduced this part of the appearance of GMTII, in the next focus, I will go inside the watch, to To explore its beautiful dial and its most powerful core "processor". We usually talk about Rolex, the most easily overlooked is its dial, but Rolex is currently the four watch factory, one of which is the dial factory, visible dial in the Rolex watch position, the watch factory in Geneva, Manufacturing (Chêne-Bourg), of course, here is not only the production of dial, but also with the dial-related development and production and jewelry and precious stones inlay related matters. According to the different case material, dial material is also made of brass, gold, platinum, mother of pearl or meteorite. The watch factory is located in Chêne-Bourg, Geneva, Although this GMTII uses only brass-made ordinary black paint dial, but also need a total of about 60 processes, and the use of PVD (physical vapor deposition) for the color or paint the operation of all clean room to complete, clean Room has a strict cleaning conditions beyond the operating room, it is because of such a harsh process, so we will see Rolex paint dial will show a close to the enamel dial texture. Logo is printed on this ball Daytona's Logo is mosaic After the completion of the main body of the dial, followed by the other elements of the assembly of the dial, the main elements of the dial there are three, respectively, Logo, inscriptions and scale, I first said Logo, Rolex Logo production process there are two, And mosaic, all inlaid Logo all the use of precious metal material and slightly larger, that is, we often mention the "big gold crown." Although this "big gold crown" comparison pull boom, but not all of the watches coupled with it all look good, like this GMTII on the use of manual transfer of the way, although the Logo is printed, but not a plane , But three-dimensional with a sense of concavity, if observed under the microscope is more obvious, the texture no less than that "big gold crown." Said the inscription on the dial, which is the most I am pleased, because the world's 99% of the automatic watch will be written on the dial, I just want to see the word, regardless of brand size, I will feel this watch is very low (XX Benz, XX BMW, XX Audi), as if to write this, you can write how strong the Chinese auto industry. So now a lot of top brand watch simply to abandon the word, but only the most special Rolex, its automatic watch called Oyster Perpetual (Oyster Perpetual), the word I do not know than the so-called Automatic number of times, the word Is the only other brands can not be used, of course not only the issue of intellectual property rights, the more critical is Rolex is the world's highest efficiency of the movement on the chain. In addition to Oyster Perpetual, in addition to show their own strong confidence in the two lines of inscriptions is superlative Chronometer Officially Certified, which is the four English word is the Swiss precision time test center COSC full name, that is, we often say "Swiss Observatory certification", in fact It is not the case that the certification is not only the consistent standard of Rolex precision timepieces, but even beyond the This standard. Whenever I see these two inscriptions when there is a kind of people are drunk my awake pleasure. Finished the inscription, we have to say that the scale, Rolex's scale is currently the main metal scale and gem mosaic scale, which should be regarded as the most kind of Rolex, and all of its metal scale all the precious metal material, not only the scale is gold, The pointer is gold, which for those of us who buy steel watch is definitely the Gospel, both to enjoy the only 904 steel, but also can be dipped in precious metals Xianqi children. For those who buy precious stones scale friends, Rolex is more kind, through the strict control of the gem sector, each gem should be consistent with Rolex on the gem in the carat, clarity, color and cutting on the specific requirements, including diamond clarity Must be to the IF level, as far as I know, the industry is currently only Rolex and Patek Philippe to achieve such a stringent selection criteria, which is a great brand with a drill can be said that it is not easy. In addition to the inherent quality of the gem itself, Rolex has a series of standards in the gemstone mosaic, including the perfect installation of gemstones, height, direction and location must be flawless, inlaid after the gem surface will be trimmed in order to install the beautiful and Consistent. So we do not subjectively think that Rolex jewelry watch is only a watch, no purchase value.

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